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What are the requirements for the environmental performance and sanitary performance of cosmetic tubes

What are the requirements for the environmental performance and sanitary performance of cosmetic tubes

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is not only the treatment of packaging waste, but also environmental pollution and resource consumption in the production process. The introduction of aluminum-plastic composite tubes and all-plastic composite tubes has largely adopted economical and easily recyclable sheet materials, especially all-plastic composite tubes. When using high barrier materials such as EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), it can completely replace aluminum foil, and the composite pipe can be completely recycled, which is beneficial to biodegradation. Xinfei successfully developed an all-plastic composite tube based on the aluminum-plastic composite tube, which is widely used in toothpaste packaging. However, compared with aluminum-plastic composite pipes, there is a certain gap in the extrusion resilience and barrier properties of all-plastic composite pipes, which will limit the process of replacing aluminum-plastic composite pipes with all-plastic composite pipes for a long time.

Hygienic performance

The development trend of composite tube sheets

The composite tube is mainly suitable for the packaging of oral care products and cosmetics. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety performance of the product, hygiene performance has always been the first factor to be considered. Reflected in the raw materials, first of all, the physical and chemical indicators and abnormal toxicity of films, particles, adhesives, inks, etc. have certain restrictions; in process selection, different composite processes have different effects on the residual solvent content of plates and tubes; in addition, , The cleanliness of the environment and air of the production workshop, such as the number of microorganisms, suspended solids, dust, etc., also have an impact on the hygiene of production workers, and affect the hygiene performance of the final product. In addition, for different target markets, the hygienic performance requirements of composite pipes are not the same. For example, if it is exported to Japan, the United States and other countries, the residual solvent and heavy metal content in the ink are very high.


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