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The development trend of composite tube sheets

The development trend of composite tube sheets

The development trend of composite tube sheets

Aluminum foil is thinner

The composite tube sheet is usually composed of white polyethylene, acid copolymer, aluminum foil, transparent polyethylene, etc. Traditional aluminum foil paper is very thick, and the slope of aluminum foil paper is usually 40 or 30. With the continuous advancement of technology, aluminum foil has become thinner and thinner, and its proportion in the sheet has also become smaller and smaller, from 29.44% in 1980 to 12.21% now. Now the thinnest aluminum foil is only 12, which makes the barrier layer closer to the content.


More and more color pastes and gel ointments are welcomed by consumers. When these products are installed on the transparent composite tube, their attractive colors and good texture are very popular. The packaging of the transparent tube undoubtedly plays a role in the icing on the cake. However, when a transparent tube is used, the contents of the tube are easily degraded by ultraviolet radiation. But now there are many anti-ultraviolet products that can effectively solve this embarrassing phenomenon.

Pay attention to environmental protection

Using a large number of economical and recyclable plates to reduce the loss of raw materials is the most practical and reasonable way to produce environmentally friendly tubes. When the thickness of the aluminum foil barrier layer in the cosmetic tube is reduced from 40 to 12 supports, a lot of resources can be saved; when the aluminum foil barrier is completely eliminated and replaced by EVOH, the composite pipe can be completely recycled.

Whether it is cosmetics, medicine or food, the first thing to consider is hygiene performance, followed by barrier performance, printing adaptability and chemical resistance. Of course, we must also consider the economy and convenience of use.


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