How to OEM cosmetic tubes?

Xinfly cosmetic packaging could be the better OEM packaging manufacturer for your cosmetics, makeup, skin care products, etc., see how we make it. Only 6 steps to go through.


1. Got clients’ inquiry, accurately understand clients' requirements & provide suggestions to help them finish the design for the squeeze tubes.

2. Quote based on clients’ designs. 

3. Start PPS production after artworks & specifications approval and PPS cost received( VIP will no need the first time PPS cost). 

4. Start the mass production after PPS approval, orders confirmed and deposit received.  

5. Report the production status to the clients weekly after ordering. 

6. Provide the QC report and mass products clear photos to clients after goods finished. 




Contact: Jeff Shao

Phone: 18952591688

E-mail: jeff@cosmetic-tubes.com

Add: No.2 Xingyuan Road,Hangji Twon, Yangzhou City,P.R.China (225111)

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